1.  What sports do you play?

A- We play a variety of sports.  Currently we play the following:  Co-Ed Soccer in the fall;  We have had Basketball, Cross Country, Volleyball, and Baseball in the past, but do not offer them currently.  We are always looking at adding more sports depending on coaching availability and interest.

2.  What level do you compete?

A- We compete against a variety of schools from Homeschool, Christian, other private, Charter, and Public from the middle school through the Varsity level.

3.  What ages can play?

A- We start as young as 6th grade for some sports and go up to 12th grade.

4.  Where do you practice?

A- We practice, normally, at High Point area facilities- either Recreational Centers, Churches or other schools

5.  Where do you play your games?

A- It depends on the sport, but our home field is normally one of the facilities where we practice at in the High Point area.  Away games are mostly in the Triad but sometimes we travel to the Charlotte and Raleigh area.

6.  What nights do you practice and play games?

A- We focus on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.  Wednesdays are never used- we keep that open for families to attend church services.

7.  What times are practices/games?

A- This varies, but we play at the normal times that any other school would play.  Soccer is in the late afternoon around 4 or 5pm.  Basketball is late afternoon into the early evening.  Practice time depends on gym availability and coach’s schedule, but normally it is late afternoon for a 2-hour slot.

8.  How much does it cost?

A- This varies for each sport, number of games, tournaments, etc.  We do our best to keep the prices down, but most of the items are out of our control.  We utilize TeamSnap for our communication tool where registration can be broken down into monthly payments to help parents manage the cost.